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Hosted By: Kobi Amponsah


   The Show

When you have a strong purpose all your actions are clear. If you look at every successful entrepreneur, creative, or social impactor they become that way because they were seriously committed to their purpose. Every Tuesday the show is hosted by Kobi Amponsah who curiously digs into every guests purposeful story to help highlight their purposeful story. A lot of value is being delivered on the Purposeful Story Podcast and we hope to see you join the Purposeful Story family. 

The Cabbie Story Episode 18:

By Cabral Richards of Bleacher Report, TSN, The Score

The Host

Kobi Amponsah started his first business at the age of 23 while in school full-time. He built a successful bow tie company called Neck Couture, but throughout the process many people would ask him for advice. Kobi began to recognize that as entrepreneurship started to become more popular people were going into entrepreneurship for the wrong reasons...with no purpose. This led to Kobi starting the Purposeful Story Podcast to show everyone that you need purpose to have powerful action. In addition, Kobi helps people build wealth so they can live the lives they truly want to live.





On this episode I interviewed Gwen Elliot who is masterful at helping world class experts build online courses.

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